Cable and wire harnesses

We design and manufacture wire harnesses tailored to each customer’s needs.

Everything starts with thorough planning and close collaboration with the customer. Our competent staff helps both choosing materials as well as developing procurement channels and production methods. Our goal is to find a solution for each of our customers that is as cost efficient as possible both for one-off projects as well as for serial production.

tailored wire harness efc

The E³.series design software we utilise is integrated with our automatic machines, enabling efficient and high-quality serial production. In addition to traditional ISO standards, our production follows the IPC-620 standard.








Please contact us if you need any of the following: 

  • Cables with a cross-sectional area of AWG28 (0.08 mm² – 300 mm²)
  • Anything from individual proto-types to orders of tens of thousands of pieces
  • Anything from simple cables to complex wire harnesses
  • Wire harnesses for work machines and special vehicles
  • Design and product development of wire harnesses
  • Outsourcing manufacturing, enabling you to focus on your core business